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Outreach Program


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Museum Victoria's Outreach Program is a travelling 'museum in a van' and kit loan service.

The program provides access to the Museum's collection for people who may find it difficult to visit our museums for reasons that include age and geographical distance.

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Sharing Immigration Stories

An Immigration Museum incursion for Primary School students in regional Victoria.

This hands-on, inquiry based history/humanities program will have students working in groups and handling reproduction artefacts from Museum Victoria’s Collection – letters, photo albums, diaries, cassette tapes, tapestries, SMS text messages – objects that have been created by individuals to record their personal migration journeys to Victoria.

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What's Your Story Learning Kit

The What's Your Story? Learning Kit is a suitcase containing museum objects and is designed so that students can explore how objects and artefacts can tell the stories of migration to Australia.

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Virtual Learning

Bring Museums Victoria into your classroom with virtual learning sessions. These engaging and interactive experiences provide access to expert educators and spaces across Melbourne Museum, Scienceworks and Immigration Museum.

Designed to target Primary and Secondary school students as well as offering teacher professional learning these programs offer insight and behind the scenes narratives that aren't as easily stumbled-upon onsite.

The videoconferencing technology we use is engaging yet simple to use and we are here to help you every step of the way.

It is the perfect opportunity to discover all Museums Victoria has to offer without leaving the classroom and can also complements an onsite visit as a form of pre and post learning.

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Online resources

Small Object Big Story

One small object can tell a really big story.

Small Object Big Story is an online resource to assist individuals and groups of all ages to explore the history of their own family or community and share what they discover with a wider audience. It provides a structured guide to research and an overview of the ways in which the outcomes of the research can be presented to a range of audiences.

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Making History

Research, create and share your own family or community history using online resources, videos and tools.

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