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Steam Locomotive and Tender Model - 'Rocket', 0-2-2 Type, Robert Stephenson & Co., Newcastle, England, 1829

Model depicting the "Rocket", a steam locomotive built by Robert Stephenson & Co., Newcastle upon Tyne, which won the Rainhill locomotive trials conducted by the Liverpool & Manchester Railway Company in October 1829.

Easy (10 pieces) | Medium (60 pieces) | Hard (200 pieces)

Erection of Great Melbourne Telescope, 1869

The Great Melbourne Telescope was built by Thomas Grubb of Dublin in 1868 and erected at Melbourne Observatory in 1869. It was an important icon for nineteenth century Melbourne, signifying a transition from a colonial outpost, to a progressive city, with an interest in science and astronomy. The telescope is now being restored at Scienceworks to its original 1869 condition, as a fully functional observational telescope, to be returned to Melbourne Observatory in the Domain for public viewing.

Easy (10 pieces) | Medium (60 pieces) | Hard (200 pieces)


CSIRAC - the world's oldest intact first-generation electronic computer

In 1945 Trevor Pearcey, a young British Physicist, came to Australia to take up a job at CSIR Radiophysics in Sydney. In 1947 he teamed up with Maston Beard, an Australian electrical engineer, to design and build an electronic stored program computer CSR Mk 1 (later renamed CSIRAC). They ran the first program in November 1949.

Easy (10 pieces) | Medium (60 pieces) | Hard (200 pieces)

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