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Outreach Program


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Museum Victoria's Outreach Program is a travelling 'museum in a van' and kit loan service.

The Outreach Program provides access to the Museum's collection for people who may find it difficult to visit our museums for reasons that include age and geographical distance.

Find STEM-specific resources below or see our full range of programs

Learning kits

Coding and robotics

Suitable for Years K–F

The Coding and robotics kit offers a range of resources to introduce Kinder and Prep children to foundational coding concepts and robotics. It can be used to support a visit to the Ground Up: Building Big Ideas, Together exhibition at Scienceworks or as a stand-alone experience.

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Introduction to graphs (using data loggers)

Suitable for Years 5–8

The aim of this learning kit is to give students the opportunity to explore and investigate real life situations, collect first-hand data and use this data to extend their understanding of how graphs work.

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Problem solving

Suitable for Years 5–8

This kit includes engaging activities and tools to be used in a maths classroom to introduce students to graphing. It includes strategies for 'making sense' of a scenario or problem situation, dismissing irrelevant information from the important facts, looking for patterns and testing findings.

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Virtual Learning

Bring Museums Victoria into your classroom with virtual learning sessions. These engaging and interactive experiences provide access to expert educators and spaces across Melbourne Museum, Scienceworks and Immigration Museum.

Designed to target Primary and Secondary school students as well as offering teacher professional learning these programs offer insight and behind the scenes narratives that aren't as easily stumbled-upon onsite.

The videoconferencing technology we use is engaging yet simple to use and we are here to help you every step of the way.

It is the perfect opportunity to discover all Museums Victoria has to offer without leaving the classroom and can also complements an onsite visit as a form of pre and post learning.

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