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How Can I Help?

ArgoSearch seeks the assistance of individuals, groups or organisations with information on argonauts in Australian waters.

What sort of information is wanted?
  • reports of shell strandings, ranging from single shells to mass strandings
  • reports of sightings of live animals at sea (underwater or from boats)
  • diet records from predator studies
  • any small octopuses caught in light traps

For all distribution reports it is critical that the following information is provided:

  • precise location of sighting or collected shell
  • date
  • presence/absence of animal with shell
  • an image of the shell

ArgoSearch is also seeking tissue samples (a 1cm x 1cm plug of muscle) from any beach-washed animals. These samples can be either frozen or fixed in ethanol.

Tissue samples are invaluable for a broader DNA study investigating the evolution of these oceanic octopuses and their relatives.