Nudibranchs and flatworms
a photographic atlas for the Bass Strait region
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Information sheets summarising these web pages (although not the photographic galleries) are now available in a format suitable for printing :

Marine flatworms
Nudibranchs and flatworms - a photographic atlas for the Bass Strait region

The above files require Adobe Acrobat® Reader; if this software is not already installed on your computer it is available as a free download from

The following files are also available for downloading:

Copyright release form either in Microsoft Word® or rich text format (supported by a wide variety of word processors) [You must be prepared to allow the project to use a copy of your images on web or paper publications; this is form enables that. It is provided as a Microsoft Word® file which you can print out and complete by hand, or edit within Microsoft Word®].

Spreadsheet for data entry. You may wish to download and use this Microsoft Excel® format spreadsheet for data entry. Information on the spreadsheet or form can be linked to a unique identification number on each photograph or file. If you are not already doing so, it would be a good idea to record this information for all your photographs. Consult the link getting organised for more thoughts on organising photograph collections.

[Museum Victoria publishes many more information sheets on natural history and other topics; to find these search Museum Victoria'shome page.]

Further reading

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    Internet resources

    ReefWatch Victoria

    Sea Slug Forum [questions, answers and other nudibranch resources, hosted by Dr Bill Rudman at the Australian Museum, Sydney]

    Marine Flatworms of the World

    Discovery Centre at Museum Victoria

    Online Zoological Collections of Australian Museums (OZCAM) [searching and mapping selected animals from collections of Australian museums]


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