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The purpose of this site is to trial new projects and allow information exchange with participants engaged in joint projects with staff in the Marine Biology Section in the Sciences Department, Museum Victoria.

New for 2008 are pages supporting Museum Victoria Marine Guides now being published by Museum Victoria. The first two titles are An introduction to marine life and an identification guide to Crabs, hermit crabs and allies. Both are available now from Melbourne Museum Shop and "all good book shops".

The nudibranch and flatworm atlas pages describe a project launched by Museum Victoria and ReefWatch Victoria using divers, snorkellers and underwater photographers to generate photographic atlases of nudibranchs and flatworms in the Bass Strait region of Victoria.

We also provide a link to a growing number of marine introduced species at the Pests and Diseases Image Library (PaDIL), a web site allowing identification of terrestrial and marine introduced and pest species. Please note that the PaDIL site encourages comparison with similar, but native, marine species, so both native and introduced species can be found there. At present the only marine introduced species at the PaDIL site are crustaceans and polychaete worms, however we hope to add molluscs and other marine invertebrates as resources allow.

Other projects added in September 2006 include details of a systematic revision of Cylindroleberid Ostracods, including an interactive key, by Anna Syme, and

More new and trial projects will follow.