a systematic revision of the Cylindroleberididae

Anna Syme

PhD Student, Museum Victoria and The University of Melbourne.

Systematics of the Cylindroleberididae (Crustacea: Ostracoda: Myodocopa)

Ostracods are small bivalved crustaceans living in marine and freshwater environments. Like many small non-terrestrial animals, much is unknown about the diversity and evolution of ostracods. I am researching a particular family of ostracods: the Cylindroleberididae, which are identified by the presence of gills. These animals are found in all marine environments, including shallow waters, the deep sea, and even hydrothermal vents. Although there are more than 200 described species, very little is known about their evolutionary relationships. My project aim is to investigate and reconstruct an evolutionary history for the family, and use this as a basis to revise the classification.

All images © 2006, Anna Syme.


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