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Web resources for polychaetes

These web sites provide access to updated information about polychaete diversity and biology. Note that these are external links to data not contained on the CD, an Internet connection is required to access this information.

Polychaetes, by Robin S. Wilson, Pat A. Hutchings & Christopher J. Glasby - online version of family level data, updates and errata relating to this CD publication, hosted by Museum Victoria Sciences Department. NB the pages at this address will be redesigned during July 2003 to distinguish the web site (containing family level data) from the CD (containing all data and keys).

Australian Faunal Directory: Checklist for Polychaeta, by Pat A. Hutchings & Rick T. Johnson, hosted by the Australian Biological Resources Study.

POLiKEY - An information system for polychaete families and higher taxa by Christopher J. Glasby and Kristian Fauchald, hosted by the Australian Biological Resources Study. An online version of the Key to families provided on this CD publication.

Annelid resources - A guide to scientific information on annelids, and to current worm research and researchers, maintained by Geoff Read.