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Invalid polychaete families

The following polychaete family names are misspellings or have been synonymised with other families. Also included are a few higher taxa that have moved into or out of the Polychaeta. Complete synonymies for families should be sought in other sources (principally Fauchald, 1977; Hartmann, 1959, 1965; and major family revisions). The following list is intended to include the most commonly encountered synonyms, and those most recently proposed. The references cited below are in many cases those which best explain the history of the taxonomy or nomenclature; they are not necessarily the original authority for establishing the synonymy.

Archinomidae = Amphinomidae see Hutchings (2000)
Ammocharidae = Oweniidae see Fauchald & Rouse (1997)
Antonbruunidae = Pilargidae see Glasby (1993)
Arabellidae = Oenonidae see Orensanz (1990)
Boguidae = Maldanidae see Wolf (1983)
Calamyzidae = Syllidae see Glasby (1993)
Caobangiidae = Sabellidae see Fitzhugh (1989)
Chloraemidae = Flabelligeridae see Fauchald (1977)
Dinophilidae = Dorvilleidae  see Eibye-Jacobsen & Kristensen (1994)
Eulepidae = Eulepethidae  see Chamberlin (1919)
Dinophilidae = Dorvilleidae  see Eibye-Jacobsen & Kristensen (1994)
Helmetophoridae = Flabelligeridae see Glasby & Fauchald (1991)
Hermellidae = Sabellariidae see Fauchald (1977)
Heterospionidae = Longosomatidae  see Borowski (1995)
Iphitimidae =  Dorvilleidae  see Eibye-Jacobsen & Kristensen (1994)
Levidoridae = Syllidae see Glasby (1993)
Levinsenidae = Paraonidae see Cerruti (1909)
Longosomidae = Longosomatidae  see Borowski (1995)
Lysaretidae (in part: Lysarete) = Lumbrineridae see Orensanz (1990)
Lysaretidae (in part: Halla, Oenone, Tainokia) = Oenonidae see Orensanz (1990)
Myzostomidae = Myzostomida see Zrzavý et al. (2001) [myzostomes are no longer considered polychaetes]
Nereidae =  Nereididae  see Pettibone (1971)
Pareulepidae = Eulepethidae  see Pettibone (1969)
Peisidicidae =  Pholoidae see Fauchald (1977)
Pholoididae =  Pholoidae  see Pettibone (1992a)
Pogonophora =  Siboglinidae  see Rouse & Fauchald (1998); Rouse (2001)
Polyodontidae =  Acoetidae see Pettibone (1989) [Polyodontidae refers corrrectly to a family of fishes.]
Scalibregmidae =  Scalibregmatidae  see Bertelsen & Weston (1980)
Spirorbidae =  Serpulidae  see ten Hove (1984); Fitzhugh (1989)
Vestimentifera =  Siboglinidae  see Rouse & Fauchald (1998); Rouse (2001)


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